Quality, Reliability and Traceability

Laboratorios IMA is a pharmaceutical company committed to the promotion, protection and care of health that strongly supports generic alternatives accessible to society of new products that respond to human needs and provide therapeutic solutions for the well-being of people at all stages of life.

Maintaining a high standard of quality, safety and accessibility in products is the main commitment made to those who resort to IMA drugs.

That is why Laboratorios IMA implemented a new traceability system, in accordance with the regulations of ANMAT, in order to guarantee the quality and safety of its products.

  • What is traceability?

    It is an efficient tool that controls the transactions of medicines in real time, verifies the origin of them, records the history of the locations and transfers throughout the entire distribution chain. In this way, it ensures that the medicine that is supplied to the patient is authentic and in proper condition for its consumption.

  • What are counterfeit medicines?

    Counterfeit medicines are those that do not comply with the established standards in terms of safety, quality and effectiveness. The labels of these drugs falsely include false information about their identity or their manufacturer in a deliberate and fraudulent manner. This practice affects both branded and generic products; in some cases, the composition is correct but the packaging has been falsified, while in others, the composition is incorrect or does not include the active principle or it is insufficient (Descriptive Note World Health Organization ° 275. Counterfeit medicines.)

  • How is the authenticity of IMA medication verified?

    The product whose authenticity is needed to be verified must have a printed data matrix code (dotted box). Next to this code two alternative equally valid numerical formats can be found: