National Pharmacovigilance System

The National Pharmacovigilance System, framed within the National Administration of Drugs, Foods and Medical Technologies (ANMAT), is in charge of detecting, evaluating, understanding and preventing adverse effects derived from the use of medicines. To do this, it calls health professionals, referents of the pharmaceutical industry and patients to send notifications regarding adverse reactions and suspected quality failures.

As part of this System, and with the commitment to provide data for its permanent updating, IMA offers the community a personalized communication channel so that anyone can report an adverse effect derived from the use of an IMA product.

Report an adverse effect

The communication must contain a minimum set of data that allows IMA to evaluate the case and provide a response.

Medical Department of IMA

The consultation or report will be evaluated by the Medical Department of IMA, protecting in all cases the confidentiality of the affected patient or the informant.

The Medical Department of IMA will keep you informed about the progress of the investigation initiated from your report.